Governor Cricket Bats

Face and edge cracks

While I do all I can during the manufacturing process of a Governor cricket bat to avoid future impact damage to the blade, the cricket bat is designed for the ball to be hit using the middle or sweet spot of the blade. Therefore damage caused by a shot to the edge or toe of the bat can still happen and will not be covered by the warranty.  It will however need to be repaired to help prevent further damage.  I am happy to do this for free if required for the first year from the purchase date, and at a generous discount on the repair costs thereafter.  Freight costs, if any, to be met by the customer and proof of purchase may be asked for.


No warranty shall be considered for a bat that has been affected by using or leaving it in wet conditions, resulting in layered cracking and swelling of the willow at the base of the blade.

Premature use or abuse to bat

No warranty shall be considered for a bat that has evidence of being used before the correct oiling and breaking procedures have been completed, or for any bat that has been abused in anyway, including being used against cheap Indian and Pakistani cricket balls.

Heat damage

No warranty shall be considered for a bat that has been subject to extreme heat conditions i.e. left in a window of a car or outside for long periods in the sun.  This dries the willow causing splitting, etc.

Surface cracking

These do not harm the performance of a blade and due to the nature of willow, will probably happen at some stage during a bat's life.  Once again, I will repair these as a service to customers as described in "Face and edge cracks."  This can happen prematurely, especially if the oiling and breaking in procedures are not adhered to.

Protective coverings

No warranty shall be considered when a covering has been applied to the face of the blade.  These may be good for extending the life of your bat once the blade is damaged, or surface cracking is evident, but it shouldn’t replace having the damage repaired.  Bats need to be oiled at regular intervals, and in most cases these covers prevent this from happening.

Exported bats

Due to the difficulties in viewing damage and the associated freight costs, it is not appropriate for Governor Cricket Bats Ltd. to offer any warranty on a Governor cricket bat or associated equipment that has been exported for sale outside New Zealand.


All bats and equipment sold remain the property of Governor Cricket Bats Ltd. until all money owing is paid in full.

General Liability

Governor Cricket Bats Ltd. will not be held responsible for any damage or injury that may result from use of their equipment while playing cricket or any other activities.