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Proving to be a winner with grounds men, players and clubs, the Patented GABBA RETRACTABLE NET SYSTEM is revolutionizing the way people think about cricket nets.

With GABBA’S retractable net system, nets can be set out in minutes and after use are simply retracted back by cables and winch mechanisms, ready to be stored into their security boxes and locked away.


  • Security

  • Portable

  • Time & labour saving

  • Not left out to the elements

  • Better safety aspects

  • Multipurpose (e.g. volleyball etc)

  • Long life

  • Dividing up areas (hockey / football, artificial surfaces)

  • Ideal when short of space

  • Ideal for middle practice

  • Very little maintenance

  • Easy to erect / dismantle

Cricket nets occupy large areas of space which cannot be used for anything else - but here is a net system that enables you to have secure, vandal resistant areas as large as you need. In either case you can use the same space for other activities - because the net-system rapidly disappears when not in use. Poles simply slip out of their sleeves and stored away. The sleeves are capped and the area is free of netting and available for other activities.

With the nets wound back into their boxes, not only do they become vandal resistant, but highly portable. You can buy the net systems in modules, adding to it as needs grow, there by making this net system cost and space efficient. Multi-wickets can be set up and left up, or taken down just as quickly! - You decide.

No job is too big or small; any design can be catered for from full turf practice complexes to a small single synthetic complex.

Clubs, Schools, Associations or Backyards; we welcome you to give us a call to solve all you cricket facility needs.

 *Prices for the supply of Gabba Netting systems and installation options upon application.

A four lane Gabba retractable netting complex
A four lane Gabba retractable netting complex recently installed at the Queenstown Event Centre.
Nets stowed in the lockable/removable stowage boxes
The Queenstown system showing the nets stowed in the lockable/removable stowage boxes.
Queenstown complex
An aerial view of the Queenstown complex ready to use.

Queensland Cricket’s ‘Turf’ complex

Queensland Cricket’s ‘Turf’ complex showing lateral curtains for moving strips depending on the
Grounds man’s preparations. Also installed is a cross netting curtain for bowling machine use.

 The famous Gabba Cricket Ground complex
The famous Gabba Cricket Ground complex.

Gabba ‘Caged’ system
A Gabba ‘Caged’ system recently installed on a happy customer’s driveway. This caged net can be pushed
back for stowage, posts removed and sleeves capped.

Practise nets for a home DIY system
Governor Cricket Bats can supply practise nets for a home DIY system.