Governor Cricket Bats are New Zealand’s sole agent for ‘GabbaGrass’ products.

Gabba Sporting Products are the pioneers of synthetic grass for cricket wickets in Australia. The name 'GabbaGrass' is now used all over the world when talking about synthetic grass cricket wickets.

SPECIFICATIONS: With 30 years of experience Gabba use these specifications are as close to a good turf wicket in bounce and speed. 

Artificial Grass        Artificial Grass

Gabba Portable Wickets

Gabba Sporting Products can custom make portable wickets to suit your requirements and they prove to be perfect for Kids cricket or temporary practise facilities.

 Portable Wicket

 Gabba ‘Long’ Grass

This long grass cover is a 30mm high pile low abrasion GABBA synthetic grass, and is great for all contact sports including rugby and soccer, giving a firm, flat and softer surface reducing the chance of injury. It gives great protection to synthetic cricket wickets underneath, not crushing it like the heavy weight of soil over winter does.

These covers should last between 5 and 10 years depending on use.

We have had no injury reported or safety problems with our pitch covers, as we use a special "anti-burn" grass, with soft shredded rubber for the in-fill material in the grass cover. While there have been incidents reported that have led to serious skull fractures due to some organisations having chosen to use dirt coverings for concrete blocks where rugby was played.

 Pitch Cover

*Prices for the supply of Gabba Grass products and installation options upon application.